Mythtv and 3gp

12-20-2005 Here is a little script for converting Mythtv mpeg nuv files to a 3gp video file. This requires mplayer and a slightly modified ffmpeg. Everything here has been tested on Fedora Core 4 and a Nokia 6230 cellphone. Also, these instructions are quite sparse, so you may need to fine tune them to match your setup/needs. 1) Download mplayer. Verify you have the mplayer and memcoder binaries. 2) Download the ffmpeg source code. You can grab it from the CVS: cvs -z9 co ffmpeg 3) cd into ffmpeg and set it to compile in adaptive multi-rate (AMR) audio: ./configure --enable-amr_nb You should see a message about downloading the correct AMR package from: AMR source In my case, I downloaded 26104-510 float package. 4) cd into libavcodec/ and create the appropriate AMR subdirectory: mkdir amr_float cd into the new directory and unzip the AMR source code (its zipped twice). Move the makefile inplace as well: cp makefile.gcc makefile 5) cd back out to ffmpeg/ and compile: make If you run into errors, your probably missing libraries. Go ahead and install these libraries and recompile. 6) Install the new custom AMR ffmpeg binary: cp ffmpeg /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg3gp 7) Download this simple conversion script: myth3gp 8) Run the script as follows: myth3gp /data/video/1062_20050804001500_20050804003000.nuv athf_cloning When complete, it will generate a 3gp file, as above: athf_cloning.3gp. Your done, transfer the file to your favorite video supported cell phone. Some cellphones dont support seeking, so it may be wise to cut the video up into smaller pieces and use them like chapters. Also, the above script can be used as a MythTV job, so you can convert to 3gp automatically or trigger it via the frontend. (note that audiodump.wav can be overwritten when converting more than one video at the same time...) --- Home